Without Jesus

A world without Jesus is a world lost. Why in the world would you want a life devoid of Jesus?  Have you not heard of what he has done? He died for you and He died for me (John 3:16) some would say, “I didn’t ask Jesus to do that for me.”  Those who respond like this are clearly ignorant of the scriptures.  Jesus died so we could live being reconciled back to GOD free from the penalty of sin (Colossians 1:19-20).  A life without Jesus is a dismal one.  You have no hope, no eternal home in the heavens.  

On the back of the almighty dollar which man holds so dear.  The words “In GOD We Trust” lie dormant printed for the blind eye totally oblivious to the power of that statement.  Do we really trust GOD? Man treats GOD like He’s an inconvenience getting in their way of indulging in the most sinful fantasies. They live life like there is no consequence to their debauchery (Galatians 5:19-21).  A life without Jesus is a reality of condemnation.  Whether you believe in Jesus or not in the near future there will be a reckoning. 

All life will be in attendance and like the scriptures so elegantly put it, “Every tongue will confess and every knee shall bow.”(Romans 14:11) Then the reality of the non-believer will be that of the one who believes.  A life without Jesus Christ just as a passing thought is just too much to bear.  The implications of a world without Christ is a frightening one.  No faith, No hope, No love, the world would be a barren wasteland full of savage and brutal beings without the capacity of compassion.  No mercy would be man’s default setting to survive the age to come.  THANK GOD! The world has Jesus Christ at its fingertips with full access to the truth.  A Christian never has to fear a world without Jesus because no matter how bad the world gets, Jesus Christ is always HERE! Amen… (Matthew 28:20) 

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