Why I Believe

God is real and why I believe so strongly is because of the bible. The reliable truth instruction manual assembled and breathed out by GOD for the express purpose to train us in righteousness and how to gain entrance into heaven. (2 TImothy 3:16-17)  Only an honest seeker would truly consider the wisdom of GOD’s word. The bible is the full evidence of GOD’s existence. Not only is the bible proven to be true through scientific foreknowledge, archeology, and prophecy. Nature itself confirms the intelligent design of the universe from the master builder Himself, GOD. (Romans 1:20-21) How can you live today and say that there is no GOD? (Psalm 14:1) There are three things that stand out to me about the bible that you don’t have to be a bible scholar to realize its truth.

With all this diversity in our world today with different cultures and belief systems, variety is a way of life. We even have 98 flavors of ice cream thanks to Ben and Jerry’s so clearly we need to have multiple churches and different ways to worship GOD,right? Wrong! According to the bible which most of the religions are supposed to come from talking about GOD there is only one religion represented in the bible by name, where are all the other 10,000 religions in the world today represented in the bible? Nobody finds that odd? The second thing that stands out at me is Isaiah 40:21-22 How did Isaiah know that the earth was round? Did he guess? Isaiah knew about the earth before science and technology. It looks like science had to catch up with the knowledge of GOD, imagine that?

Last but not least is my favorite conspiracy theory about the bible, it was written by man to deceive us. According to the bible man loves darkness. (John 3:19)  So why in the world would man have created a book about a fictional GOD that has commandments which condemns man of his ungodly actions? According to history 40 different men from different time periods are accredited for physically writing the bible along with a 400 year gap between the old and new testament, that seems like a lot of work for deception. The bible has journeyed through time in different stages to arrive in the present to be the complete evidence of our belief in the existence of GOD. That is why I believe in GOD and you should too.

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