We Who are About to Die

Death is a part of life that lingers in the background of our mind. Much thought does not take up alot of real estate because most people think they won’t die..yet! Unfortunately we have no control over when we meet our end or should I say fall asleep. Death silences those who believe or not. The truth is everyone dies if you’re a Christian or not, time and chance happens to them all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11-12) The only ones that will not experience death are those who are still living the day Jesus returns. 

Humans may not know when they will die, however they can control where they go after death. Your fate in the spirit world rests in your own capable hands. The life you lived will be the reflection of the place you will spend your eternity. GOD has given us His word, so we don’t have to guess about the afterlife (heaven) or the second death (hell) (Revelation 21:8) Your faith or lack thereof will guide you into a fate you have created for yourself. The bible is the guide that will help you in life to avoid the second death (2 Peter 1:3). Believe and be faithful in the word of GOD which is the source of life for “We who are about to Die.”

Follow the patterns you see in the bible to ensure your life after death will be a righteous one. Hearing and studying the word of GOD can confirm your status with the Creator. Will you live or die?(John 6:45) Believe in Jesus who died for you so you would not experience the second death. (Mark 16:16) You must repent to embrace change to follow His will to eternal life. (Acts 2:38) Confess that you believe that Jesus is the Son of GOD and be buried in the watery grave of baptism to be forgiven of your sins. (Acts 8:36-39).  To avoid the second death we must go through Christ for our entrance into heaven. The bible is the key, Jesus is the door, your faith unlocks the door to heaven. So believe and live faithfully in Jesus Christ for “WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE.” (Revelation 2:10)

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