The Hunt For Jesus Christ

            Usually, men with great vision are fueled by their own passion to do great things. They hunt for ancient artifacts and priceless treasures, globe trotting to the ends of the earth. Searching for the Holy Grail, the Lost City of Gold, the infamous Fountain of Youth, or maybe Bigfoot a.k.a. (also known as) Sasquatch, bigger the dream, bigger the fantasy.  Some great men are consumed with unlocking the secrets of the earth which may or may not exist. I wonder why they don’t hunt for something that adds real value to their lives. The hunt for Jesus Christ started the day He was born in Bethlehem of Judea (Matthew 2:1)

            It was prophesied that Jesus would be born King of the Jews. The evil king of that time Herod wanted the blood of Jesus for an entirely different purpose than how it’s used presently. (Year 2022) Even as a child, Jesus was worshiped (Matthew 2:2) Jesus’ birth was rejoiced exceedingly with great joy (Matthew 2:10-11) Herod’s hunt for Jesus was meant for evil, but GOD meant it for good. (Genesis 50:20) The hunt for Jesus Christ continues today as we are to seek first the Kingdom that Jesus died for to establish. (Matthew 6:33) Jesus Christ produces real value in the lives of those who seek him. (Matthew 7:7)

            When you hunt for Jesus Christ, you don’t need a big gun, you need a big, open heart to receive Him, to hear Him, (Acts 15:7) to believe in Him, (Acts 8:12) repent of your sins, (Acts 3:19) confess in Him, (Acts 8:37) be baptized in His name. (Acts 22:16) In the past Jesus family ran away from those who would do Him harm. Now, today those who do harm run toward Jesus for forgiveness, to seek the way of salvation. To find Jesus is not hard at all just open your bible that’s your G.P.S (Global Positioning System) to put Jesus in your crosshairs is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding…The Hunt is on! (Proverbs 9:10)

Written By: Melvin Morrison

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