Return of the King

Christians everywhere rejoice in the promises of GOD.  Have faith that GOD keeps his promises to those who obey His word, will and way.  Do not be discouraged because our Savior, our King is coming back to claim His children on the Day of Judgement.  Smile and pray for the world to get right with GOD, encourage your brothers and sisters to fear the Lord and spread His precious word.  Whether or not you believe in Heaven or Hell, both are quite real. No matter what you think of Judgment Day you will be there. (Revelation 20:12)    

Being Non-Believers does not change that reality, we all will be judged in the end.  While studying the Book of Hebrews chapter 9 verse 28 confirms that Jesus Christ is coming back.  Believing this or not does not stop this from being true.  The second coming of Christ has always been antagonized by the world. (2 Peter 3:3-7)  The Apostles affirmed this to be true in 1 Thessalonians 4:16.  The coming of Christ was appointed by GOD in Acts 17:31. To understand the importance of this event you must open the pages of the bible which lays out this day to come. Once Jesus returns, that popular phrase used to mark spectacular events “Where were you when Jesus came back?” Will not matter because there will be no more history to be made.

The Angels of Heaven announced it in Acts 1:9-11, as Christians living day by day we are anticipating Jesus Christ’s return.  We eagerly wait for the return of our King. Christians pray for the return of our brethren that have fallen away and those who are still lost to the word of GOD. To prepare for the coming of the King you must hear the word of GOD. Believe in the good news of Jesus Christ, then turn away from evil, Repent! Confess that Jesus is the Son of GOD. Then be baptized for the forgiveness of sin.  We must continue to pray and spread God’s word to those who need to be saved before the return of the King. (Philippians 2:10-11)

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