Why does man still not believe in the Church? A place where baptized believers gather to worship the Lord in spirit and truth. GOD’s heart is filled with joy every baptism which adds to the Church. The Church has been wrongly categorized as a physical edifice, a place built with hands. Some place that can decay and be destroyed. (Acts 17:24-28) As a Christian we know that the Church is a spiritual realm. The only way for the Church to exist is by the gathering of baptized believers who worship GOD. No one can destroy the Church; it is a PERMANENT fixture in our lives. (Hebrews 12:28)

Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD PROMISED us the Church in Caesarea Philippi upon the confession of Peter. (Matthew 16:13-18)  The Church is the only way to Christ, to access His blood through baptism which adds you to the Church. (Acts 2:38-47) You must want and love GOD to do what He requires from you to be among the saved. Not only was the Church PROMISED to us, it was PROPHESIED by Isaiah himself from the Old Testament scriptures. Do you realize what this means? That GOD had PREDESTINED a way for those who love Him to be with Him in Heaven. (Romans 8:28-31) Have joy my brethren and keep the faith.

The Church that was PROMISED has an eternal PURPOSE for GOD’s children who has a confident faith in Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 3:9-11)  GOD loves us so much that Christ had to shed His sinless blood which was used to PURCHASE the Church. Just so we (Christians) could have access to eternal life. Have joy brethren knowing that as life goes on for us who put on Christ may stumble and fall. GOD has PROMISED us that through our trials and tribulation, He will never forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) For those who do not know GOD I implore you to embrace the word of GOD and be a part of what GOD has PROMISED.

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