Naked Truth in the Garden

When it comes to evolution vs creation where do you stand? Does it matter which aisle you sit in? Why is this debate continuously among the living? Evolution or creation to the untrained eye evolution is the imagination of the human condition. Those who keep their eye upon the spirit know that creation is the power of GOD. From the very beginning GOD’s love was predestined to save us from ourselves. The truth we hold dear is GOD’s word. The bible proclaims this truth in Genesis how GOD created Eden; A paradise on earth the fruit and green herbs fueled all the creatures inhabiting it with Man who GOD labeled very good. (Genesis 1) Man continued to cultivate what GOD created in the garden as a constant reminder to take care of what GOD has given us.

The origin of humanity highlights GOD’s power and providence. GOD blessed us with something no other creature on earth possessed his likeness, man and woman have been given the honor to embody the image of GOD in our spirit. (Genesis 1:26-27) On the sixth day GOD breathed life into our nostrils, we were destined for greatness giving us dominion over everything on earth. The truth is GOD created a standard for us to live by and when it comes to evolution it pales in comparison to what creation did. Evolution had to guess what GOD did and creation gave us an instruction manual on what GOD did. (The Bible)

GOD created man and woman to become one flesh in the bond of marriage. The wife was formed from the rib of man to help him achieve godly pursuits, bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. (Genesis 2:23) They dwelled in the garden naked not knowing shame living in the presence of GOD. Until one act of disobedience exposed man and woman to their nakedness as they hid themselves from the presence of GOD. Paradise was lost as man and woman were exiled from the garden, clothed by GOD and sent to endure the punishment of their sin. (Genesis 3:21-24) To know TRUTH you must obey GOD’s commands for in the day you don’t… “YOU SHALL SURELY DIE.” (Genesis 2:16-17) The TRUTH is GOD created us out of love and man’s hubris separated us from Him, and our obedience to the word of GOD clothes us in Him. Remember TRUTH has history, not even evolution has deeper roots like creation does in the truth of GOD’s word.

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