The world is inundated with tall tales and fantasies about aliens, alternate realities; to a non-believer the works of GOD and his power in glory may seem like a fairytale. The curiosity of a sinful mind seems to create plausible truths.  Jesus was a figment of his follower’s imagination, and the Bible was written to deceive mankind. Since the beginning in the garden, Eve was deceived and Adam was complicit and sin sparked acts of disbelief. ( Genesis 3)  Even those who claim to be geniuses their minds are debased when it comes to GOD. (Romans 1:28)  In the present day what can we believe in?  What is true and real?  What about that age old debate of evolution versus creation?  All these questions can be answered with three little words: “Read the Bible.” 

You don’t have to guess what’s real in a world full of lies when you have the truth of the bible.  According to 2 Timothy 3:16 the bible is the word of GOD.  Further study reveals in John 17:17 that God’s word is truth.  What a notion that the bible was created to deceive us, that is preposterous!  The Bible’s creation is miraculous, not to mention the contents of the Bible condemns man for his inappropriate actions, why would man condemn himself?  It’s amazing how people can deny the truth that’s laid right in front of them.  Listen to the facts.  God’s word, the Bible is a historical document with real people and places that existed. It is written physically by forty different men from different time periods with a four-hundred-year gap between the old and new testaments.  The bible was not created to keep you out of heaven…DUH!

Presently it took a director 10 years to create a movie with more than 40 people assisting in its creation to still have the movie have plot holes.  Really! A four-hundred-year gap with the old and new testaments fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces…Man is not that good at deception!  The world likes to hang its hat on science, but what is science?  A study of what GOD has already made. So clearly man is playing catch up to GOD knowing how things work.  Psalm 14:1 teaches us clearly that a fool says.“There is no GOD.”  And Romans 1:19-20 teaches that GOD has been clearly perceived by us so we will be without excuse. There is no need to come up with silly theories and fantastical stories to get people not to believe in GOD. Embrace the bible, a book created to curate our very existence.  So who do you believe, the man with the book or the One who is the book? 

The real question is does GOD make YOU believe?

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