Jesus Loves Me

A simple song yet such a strong message. I offer you 4 quick points to ponder on Jesus Love Me. 

1)      Jesus loves me…This I know

Out of all four points, I believe this one is probably the most important. Why?

–          Galatians 2:20 tell us 

o   Jesus loved ME

o   Jesus gave himself for ME

–          Revelation 1:5 tell us 

o   He loves US

o   Who freed US from our sins by his blood 

–          3 questions to ask yourself 

o   Do you know Jesus loves you?

o   Can you boldly proclaim that you know this?

o   If so how?

2)      For the Bible tells me so! 

–          What is the Bible? Let’s answer a simple question

o   2 Timothy 3:16 tells us it is

§  God’s breathed out words 

§  We have access directly to God’s own word 

o   Jude 3

§  God’s word once for all has been delivered

§  We have the fullness of God’s message in our Bible

o   Indeed, the Bible tells us so!

3)      Little ones to him belong

–          Why?

o   Matthew 18:1-4

§  Jesus has a lot to say in such a short message

·       We must TURN and BECOME like children to enter the kingdom of heaven 

·       We must HUMBLE ourselves like children 

o   Luke 18:15

§  The kingdom belongs to children

§  We must receive the kingdom like children 

o   We must ask ourselves – what is so unique about children that the kingdom belongs to them?

§  Is it the way in which they receive instruction?

§  Is it the way in which they are so quick to forgive?

§  Is it the way in which they show love so affectionately to those close to them?

§  How are we like little children? 

§  Are we?

4)      They are weak, but he is strong! 

–          How so?

o   Matthew 26:41

§  The flesh is weak 

o   Romans 5:6

§  The flesh is weak

§  While we were still weak, Christ died for us

·       We indeed are weak

o   We worry

o   We get anxious 

o   We get scared

o   We get shaken 

o   But…

John 14:1-4 (one of my favorite sections of scripture)

We have a savior who tells us to NOT let our hearts be troubled 

We know we have a place that is waiting for us if we believe in God and Jesus 

We don’t know a great deal about Anna Bartlett Warner but in approx. 1860 she wrote the following and the words were spoken as a comforting poem to a dying child. 

Jesus loves me this I know, 

For the Bible tells me so;

Little ones to him belong, 

They are weak but he is strong. 

Jesus loves me this I know, 

Though I’m very weak and ill;

From his shining throne on high, 

Comes to watch me where I lie.

Jesus loves me this I know, 

Close beside me all the way.

Then his little child will take, 

Up to Heaven for his dear sake. 

YES, Jesus loves me! 

I hope this brief article has been beneficial for you. Sometimes the simplest of messages can have the greatest impact. 

Jesus loves me this I know.

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