Free Your Mind

Mankind believes itself to be a type of god. Born from a world that came from nothing that became something with no clear evolutionary direction or purpose. Conjecture fuels man’s ignorance of GOD. Assuming man was just spawned to exist with no moral anchor to believe in a truth that is fabricated by man’s desires. With no moral standards how could man love, let alone recognize love when it’s presented. What man is credited for loving mankind first? None I would imagine because GOD loved us first. (1 John 4:19) The word of GOD is the sanity of hope that soothes the savage beast of humanity.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so why waste it on futile projects of downloading the human conscience into a computer or robot.  A fantasy of immortality shared by the wealthy elite. Free your mind…There is no escaping judgment day and the second death is for those who did not embrace GOD. (Revelation 21:8) The mind is shackled by the physical comforts of a dying world. Stop longing for the mind of men and immerse yourself into the mind of GOD which is the bible. Don’t be scared to learn what it takes to live forever. If you want eternal life you must be born again into the body of Christ the only way to achieve true immortality.

To free your mind is a daily disciplined practice to study GOD’s word, will, and way the key ingredient for renewing your mind. (Romans 12:2) The power of GOD is made evident in the nature of his creation as the truth of our reality is laid bare. The physical world was created from a spiritual being(GOD) for us to love and flourish in with each other longing for our spiritual creator. Man created sin with his disobedience which corrupted the flesh as the world was stamped with an expiration date that only GOD knows. Now our heavenly Father wants us to live with Him in the spiritual world forever. 

Free your mind to absorb His righteousness into your soul. Do you not know the wonder of His majesty? Your mind has to seek and want GOD to dwell in your heart. You must imitate the one who died for you. Rejoice in the Lord, know His love, trust in Him and let not your mind be troubled. The Lord knows you by name and the wonderful works you do in His name. Do not be ashamed of the gospel; it brings life to those who obey. Be confident in your salvation and know what you do is for the glory of GOD. If your mind is enslaved by the world, get on your knees and pray for its release.

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