Final Exam

Here’s a summary of the lessons you should study in the book. Chapter One you must hear the gospel, listen to our Teacher (Jesus Christ) who designed life as we know it. His word is law. (John 6:45)  Chapter Two you must believe and have faith in our Savior, His word increases our faith and knowledge to pass the test. (John 8:24)  Chapter Three you must repent, give up your sinful study habits and embrace the teachings of our Lord. (Luke 13:3)  The bible was written with you in mind with the express purpose of building a better version of yourself. We are to consume the word of GOD and get stronger with applying it to our lives.

Chapter Four you must confess Christ to be the  Son of GOD. As you continue your studies the bible will reveal that the gospel never changes and the plan to save souls (pass the test) will remain the same. (Matthew 10:32)  Chapter Five is titled “Pass The Test” to be baptized immersed in water for the forgiveness of sins. (John 3:3) (Mark 16:16)  Chapter Six remain a faithful student because the school of life is always in session. (Revelation 2:10)  You have received all the answers to the test, all you have to do is follow the plan laid out in our spiritual text. This life is our FINAL EXAM before our Teacher returns. Be smart, put on Christ today and make the grade.

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