Do You Love God?

This is a simple question. Depending on who you ask the answer is not a simple one. On the surface this is a “yes” or “no” answer, however the answer is deeper than you may think. Is there a right or wrong answer, absolutely? You can say “No!” That’s your choice, but it’s not the right answer. To love GOD takes action in John 14:15 Jesus says if you love me, you will keep my commandments.  To truly love Jesus Christ you must obey His word, it’s not just lip service. (James 1:22) GOD does not want empty platitudes, if you love Him then show Him.

That’s why man can fool other humans sometimes about how much they love GOD, but Matthew 7:15-20 reveals how to see through man’s deception. GOD on the other hand knows the heart of man. There is no lying to Jesus. DO YOU LOVE GOD? The answer is a spiritual one, yes or no does not matter unless you’re putting in the spiritual work. The answer to the question can be found in the ancient book known as the Bible. Whether you know it or not, GOD has set the standard of morals for His creation to follow. It’s hardwired in the breath of life, in the image of the one who loves us. (1 John 4:19) GOD has given us the choice to love Him or not. Even though you have the right to choose their will ALWAYS!! be a right or wrong choice.

DO YOU LOVE GOD? What is the right answer to follow your moral compass to the truth? Well, look no further than the Bible. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth sums up the word of GOD perfectly. How else would you know about the nature of GOD and what He expects from His creation? (Matthew 28:18-20) Do you believe what the Bible tells you about Jesus, the Son of GOD, which is an integral part of that love? (Mark 16:16) DO YOU LOVE GOD? The renewing of your mind begins the path to the right answer, REPENT! (Acts 2:38) DO YOU LOVE GOD? The word of GOD is your confession in that belief, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD.” (Acts 8:37) DO YOU LOVE GOD? Why do you wait? Rise and be baptized. (Acts 22:16) If you love GOD, then you will keep His commandments. If you truly love GOD then you will serve Him in all His glory. DO YOU LOVE GOD? The right answer to the question is YES! The one who is faithful till the end. ( Revelation 2:10)

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