Acts of Obedience

Are you a child of GOD? Why not? Prepare to ponder the most important question of your life. What must I do to be saved? The answer to this question hinges on your very existence. Actions are required for those willing to take the journey this question poses. A choice must be made to challenge your beliefs and stoke the fires of your faith in a world lost. Do you want to hear the truth about what GOD expects from you? The act of your obedience is just a small piece of fabric in a much larger tapestry.  The truth will open your eyes to the big picture of your salvation. 

If you desire to be saved, you must hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. His death, burial, and resurrection highlight the truth of the matter. (Acts 15:7) Believe in Jesus Christ the gospel will never comfort you with a lie, but it cuts to the heart concerning the Kingdom of GOD. (Acts 8:12) For you to be saved there must be a change in your behavior. Repent of your sins, turn away from the world and embrace Jesus, your Savior. (Acts 3:19) If you want salvation, make known your heart, confess before man that you believe Jesus Christ is the son of GOD. (Acts 8:37) 

Now take your fear, anxiety, hopelessness, doubt and bury it with Christ in baptism. Be submerged in a watery grave and be renewed, raised up, forgiven of your sins. (Acts 22:16) Remember baptism is only the beginning as a Christian, you must insert yourself into worship, fellowship, bible study, and daily prayer to remain faithful to GOD. (Acts 2:42) Heaven is for those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. Your journey to heaven will require obedience and devotion is necessary. Continue to study to learn and know the truth. (Acts 17:11) The acts of obedience are when you HEAR the word of GOD you will BELIEVE, when you REPENT you will CONFESS and when you get BAPTIZED you must REMAIN FAITHFUL. Well, now you have heard the good news. Will you be obedient or act a fool?

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